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Pressure washing

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If you're trying to get rid of Dust, dirt, or debris from any surface of your property the Best way to get the job done is through our pressure washing services from Lopez lawn care. Work with our experts today to achieve a spotless surface; our team commits to an excellent quality and remarkable finish.


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Make your property stand out from the rest of the neighborhood in the best way possible, with a state of the art landscape like the ones we provide at Lopez Lawn Care. Work with our expert landscapers and achieve the ideal landscape that you had always envisioned without going over your budget.

Lawn Care Maintenance

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No remarkable yard goes without maintenance. To maintain your yard looking spectacular, regardless of the season, work with the professionals from Lopez Lawn Care. We take care of every inch of the perimeter and we assure that your lawn is both healthy and beautiful, always.

Yard Maintenance

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The key to a beautiful yard is all in the constant maintenance and upkeep. Because at Lopez Lawn Care we know you might not have the time to get the job done, we offer yard maintenance services at affordable prices. Let’s get that yard looking healthy, vivid, and beautiful. Call us today.

Junk Removal

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As time progresses, we tend to get rid of outdated furniture and so on. If that’s your current situation, count on our junk removal services from Lopez Lawn Care. Let us take care of your dirty work. Our team is fully equipped and prepared to remove all junk from the premise effective immediately.

Trim Bushes

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Give your bushes an aesthetic boost and a healthier vibe; get them trimmed today. Through our bush trimming services you can give the bushes in your landscape a nice shape. Eliminate all dead branches with the help of our professionals. Call us today to schedule an appointment.

Flower Bed

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The perfect and most natural décor for the outskirts of your property are colorful and beautiful flower beds like the ones we offer at Lopez Lawn Care. Work with our specialized florists to create high quality flower beds for your property at affordable prices. Let’s get started on those flower beds; call now!


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At Lopez Lawn Care we specialize in moving services, and have done so for more than 2 years. Count on our specialists for high quality moving services that allow for you to save time and money. Get a free estimate on your moving projects from any of our representatives by simply calling us today.

Yard Cut

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Even out your yard and make it look fresh with our yard cutting services from Lopez Lawn Care. With several years of experience in the business, believe us when we tell you that we are the best at what we do. A free estimate on your yard cutting is available upon request.

Artificial Grass Installation

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If you have always dreamt of a beautiful green yard, but never knew where to begin, at Lopez Lawn Care we got you covered. Install fresh and remarkable artificial grass to your property, where you will enjoy the benefits of having a great yard without worrying about the upkeep.

Pine Straw Installation

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Get effective and high quality pine starw from our stores at Lopez Lawn Care. Use Pine Straw Installation as a natural garden mulch to prevent erosion and control weed growth. Learn more about the benefits of using Pine Straw Installation as a mulch for your yard from one of our representatives; call us today!

Lopez Lawn Care

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A landscaper from Lopez Lawn Care will be on site to ensure a job well done. To learn more about our landscaping company in Albany, GA, call today!